It was reported way back in the heady days of December that Liz Harris (Grouper) and avant-garde filmmaker Paul Clipson had an audiovisual project called HYPNOSIS DISPLAY the works for Opera North Projects' FILMusic series. Today we've finally got evidence of it what it'll look/sound like in the form of a trailer, embedded below.

According to the synopsis on the Opera North website, HYPNOSIS DISPLAY is "a meditation on contemporary America in sound and image" and a "mind's-eye trip through landscapes of American myth making." From everything I've read, it seems that this is an experimental associational documentary in the vein of something like Godfrey Reggio Koyaanisqatsi (1982), the most famous example of this sort of film, as it "juxtaposes layers of processed field recording, choral vocal harmony and keyboard in a resonant framework that moves behind and through Paul Clipson's 16mm film." It'll be about mood, rhythm and experience, about getting enveloped by sound and image rather than anything approaching a narrative. It won't be for everybody, but It really does seem like something you'd need to experience live, especially with that oppressive sounding music in the trailer. I mean, it feels like Sunn O))) commuting to work or something.

Anyway, if this seems like your sort of shindig, you can buy tickets for the premiere performance of the film, with a live score from Grouper, at the Howard Assembly Room on June 5th here. There will also be further performances with the live score on June 6th at Glasgow's Centre for Contemporary Arts, and on June 7th at the LSO St Luke's in London (which is sold out).