There have been ever so many music videos to choose from for this category. From the recent mania of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's visual adventure for 'Mondai Girl' and Dizzee Rascal and Gibbs collaboration 'Nutcrackerz', to the genuinely harrowing video for 'Buried' by Shlohmo and Björk's set of videos from Vulnicura thus far, there's been a lot to choose from.

But don't worry. We've come up with a list of the ten best videos of the past three months and it looks something like this…

First Quarter Report Report: The Best Songs / Photos / Albums

10. Childish Gambino - 'Sober' (dir. Hiro Murai)

I feel pretty bad for the girl in this new Childish Gambino video for 'Sober'. She's just trying to text her friends and have a nice meal by herself and not be bothered, something I've absolutely done before, when Donald Glover takes it upon himself to be that one jerk (made even worse by the fact that he's drunk and/or high) who pesters you when you'd really rather not be pestered. He tries to get her attention with some insane dance moves, magic tricks, and by just flat out staring her down and it's all pretty ridiculous. - Tarynn Law

9. Jessie Ware - 'Champagne Kisses' (dir. Christopher Sweeney)

The imagery in this video for 'Champagne Kisses' is pretty surreal to say the least. She sits in a waiting room inside a television (already you can see the strangeness) whilst a lot of oddities occur within said television – perhaps a symbol of Ware's own mind, but more likely to be a comment on people's warped perceptions of artists as 'not real' (i.e. unreal, surreal) people. It some places it looks like a more colourful version, less terrifying version of the Black Lodge from cult TV series Twin Peaks. With Rubik's cubes, giant pills on plates, Jessie wearing a sharp blue outfit, her head stretching through holes in the floor, the bottom half of her torso turning to planks of wood in an amateurish half-rendering of Mokujin from the Tekken series, there's a lot going on. - Russell Thomas

8. Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper - 'Baby Blue' (dir. Lil Chris)

If Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson can forge a successful Hollywood career, we're 100% sure Action Bronson could too. Another brilliant music video from Bam Bam, Bronsolino.

7. Florence + the Machine - 'What Kind of Man' (dir. Vincent Haycock)

"Florence and I can evolve through out the videos; if she hates something we did, she can correct it for the next video because I'm still here." Director Vincent Haycock opened up about his work with Florence in a recent 405 interview.

6. Jungle - 'Julia' (dir. J from Jungle and Oliver Hadlee Pearch)

'Julia' finds one man participating in a call-and-response dance with a group of about five others. A collaboration between Oliver Hadlee Peach and the band's very own 'J', it brings together all of the key characters from their previous videos - 'Busy Earnin'', 'Platoon', 'The Heat', and 'Time' - for one final visual. - Tarynn Law

5. alt-J - 'Pusher' (dir. Thomas Rhazi)

"The original idea was Joe's one," explaons director Thomas Rhazi. "It was about a guy breaking his neck in a very poetic way. We spoke about the British Speaker's Corners – all those men and women in the late '70s preaching for their own reasons and beliefs. I wanted this film to be very humanist and as deep and simple as it could be." - Ana Leorne

4. FKA twigs - 'Pendulum' (dir. FKA Twigs)

In the video, Twigs is strung up in various ways – similar to a Japanese style of knot-tying/bondage, kinbaku (緊縛) – but it's not till later on that you realise she is a) suspended from nothing, and b) tied up with her own hair, suggesting something hidden, or something to do with self-entrapment. Or something like that. And after having a run-in with some liquid silver or some other kind of amorphous entity, she emerges with hair un-plaited, untamed and wild, where she dances freely without being tied up. Social constraints? A feminist point? Either way, it's odd and it's wonderful. - Russell Thomas

3. Björk - 'Lionsong' (dir. Inez and Vinoodh)

The video for 'Lionsong' finds Björk in a futuristic birdcage-like vessel (or perhaps it is inside herself, in her own heart), moving with the rare and dazzling intensity of an alien creature of bright, avian dimensions. The team behind the video, Dutch creatives Inez & Vinoodh said: "Björk’s character for 'Lionsong' had to be smooth like a spider waiting in her web and seductive like a Balinese dancer cast in bronze. She is seen as if under a microscope, baring her heart while luring us inside the bloody galaxy of her own wound." - Russell Thomas

2. Sia - 'Elastic Heart' (dir. Sia and Daniel Askill)

A mostly naked Shia LaBoeuf wrestling/dancing/fighting with Maddie Ziegler was always going to cause heads to turn, but Daniel Askill's Mad Max-esque vision for 'Elastic Heart' is nothing short of breathtaking.

1. Flying Lotus - 'Coronus The Terminator' (dir. Young Replicant)

If anyone was able to do justice to FlyLo's incredible music, it was going to be Alex Takacs, aka Young Replicant.

"My ideas for the video were inspired directly from the track and the world Flying Lotus created with You're Dead!," explained Takacs in an email to The 405. "I wanted to look at the afterlife in a syncretic way and let the narrative be guided by unconscious choices and emotion rather than one specific cultural mythology. I think this approach resonated with Steve as well, and he brought his own twist to the story with the idea for the dance element and with his unique energy as a performer. I'm really grateful to Steve and proud that the video resonated with some people. There's a bunch of discussion and some really beautiful interpretations in the comments on YouTube -- that always makes it worth it for me.?

It gets more impressive with every viewing, doesn't it?