It's difficult to go through the first three months of any given year without thinking, saying to yourself, or other people, "Wow this is the best [object] of [year] so far!" — or something to that extent. But consider: how many times do you say this? How many "best" things can you have before you start having to create some sort of league table for them all?

Answer: 20. Exactly 20. Mostly it's in this instance, and other list-like occurrences, wherein we will list the twenty most ear-popping, brain-soothing, rage-assuaging, beauty-flashing, scene-evoking, dream-conjuring, emotion-heralding, body-shaking, toe-tapping, mind-tingling, dopamine-inducing, table-toppling, flavour-summoning, nerve-exciting, and overall cleverest, most fun, most attention-grabbing tracks that we've encountered over the past three months.

First Quarter Report Report: The Best Videos / Photos / Albums

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