"Oh it's all about the music, man, only the music, you just gotta feel the notes and get sucked in by the sooounds – yeah! You feelin' that bass? Mmmm it's moving my bones for me, the music is literally compelling me to move, I ain't doing a thing! Music! Music! Music! Music!" is how some people view music.

However, we all know that the experience of music is a composite thing – it isn't just all about the music. As with everything, our other senses play a major part in how we perceive things. For instance, one also quite large factor in the enjoyment of music is the visual side of things: what do our eyes see whilst our ears are hearing sounds? We see musicians we admire, artists we can't help but be enraptured by, scenes that would be utter madness if they weren't taking place on a stage in front of an audience. So to celebrate this visual side of things we've gone through photos taken by our photography team and chosen the best ones of the past few months. It's not just about how this first quarter has sounded: we wanna know how it looked, too.

First Quarter Report Report: The Best Videos / Songs / Albums

BTS: Jessie J @ Brixton Academy

Jessie J
Photo by Mathew Parri Thomas.

Acts and their Cats: Years & Years

Years & Years
Photo by Tim Boddy

BTS: Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman
Photo by Carl Osbourne

BTS: Hinds _

Photo by Flore Diamant

Pop Pups: Flowers

Photo by Phil Smithies

BTS: Krill

Photo by Dan Kendall

Photo by Mathew Parri Thomas

Kiesza @ O2 Shepherd

Photo by Drew Stewart

BTS: Hundred Waters

Hundred Waters
Photo by HoJun Yu

BTS: Susanne Sundfor

Susanne Sundfor
Photo by Umit Koseoglu

Sea Change

Sea Change
Photo by Carl Osbourn

Pop Pups: Iain Woods

Iain Woods
Photo by Kate Beard

Lucy Rose
Photo by Hollie Fernando

BTS: Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso
Photo by Flore Diamant

BTS: Kiasmos

Photo by Jess Colquhoun

Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl

Invader Girl
Photo by Carl Osbourn

Tove Lo @ Koko, Londo 30/03/15

Tove Lo
Photo by Umit Koseoglu