The world is going down because soon there won't be food for anyone, and Interstellar starts by reminding us of that. This movie is beautiful in many ways, but what makes it stand out to me is the music, in particular, the final scene. Also, the whole theory behind the movie is based on gravitational waves, which were discovered this year and were the topic my dad studied for the past 30 years. So indeed this movie is really special for me.

Into The Wild

I'm fascinated by that story. Personally, I feel like it's something I would love to do, getting lost in the wild, living on your own, connecting with nature on the most fundamental level, yet I'm too scared to do it. It also shows how much one can choose their own path and deviate from the norm; be a singular individual.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The movie is brilliant at painting how hard it is to be a teenager. How difficult it is to fit in; fight other kid's judgements. I love coming of age movies, and this one is my favourite. Also the final scene, when they drive through the tunnel in an epic buildup and end up with the view of the city over Bowie's 'Heroes' is pure magic.

Ne le dis à personne

It's an incredible story of a man looking for his wife who disappeared 8 years ago. She's found dead but he never gives up until a sign of her pops up. It's an incredible thriller that takes you all in.

I was really touched by the pain of this man looking for the one he loves. It's beautiful and very touching.


Eden is one of my favourite music movies ever. It paints a great picture of the French touch era, which has had a big influence on the music I make to this day. But it's also more than that, it's about the rise and fall of a man through music. It's something too often forgotten in the music world. What happens when attention goes away? When you're not in the spotlight anymore? And of course, the soundtrack is amazing.

Zimmer's new singleb'Lost Your Mind' is out now via Roche Musique; you can catch him live at Kitsuné's French Kiss Party at Village Underground on February 11th.