In a couple of weeks time Fixers will be releasing a new EP in the form of Here Comes 2001, So Lets All Head For The Sun. It sees the band continue where they left off with single 'Iron Deer Dream', which garnered them a lot of praise a few months back.

They make the sort of pop music that people should be making: catchy, bold, interesting and ambitious. We wouldn't want to say something silly like 'this is the sort of pop music Brian Wilson would love' but there's no reason why he wouldn't when it's this strong.

We caught up with band to find out more about 'Cosmic Crunk-Haus', their music and what they listen to on tour.

Where are you now, and what are up to at this moment?

At home, it's sunny outside which is nice.

You've described your music as Cosmic Crunk-Haus. Is this a serious attempt to try and describe your music? Or do you think label and categories just get in the way of enjoying the music?

Labelling and categorising doesn't necessarily get in the way of enjoying the music but it can limit creativity from a musicians point of view. Being defined by description just acts as a means of relaxing the listener into a comfort zone. Once relaxed, people tend to enjoy music from certain genres regardless of content. Musicians and Bands evolve but genres and labels very rarely evolve with them.

Do you think the psychedelic music is about the state of mind or just music that is better under the influence of chemical stimulants?

I see the term psychedelic as a description of a musical period in time. Although the music is the paramount and defining element of that term, it also carries with it all the cultural connotations of the time. I'd never want our music to be perceived as "drug music" simply because our music isn't created on drugs.

That's not to say that our audience won't get an alternative and exciting experience from listening to our music whilst on drugs.

Brian Wilson is a very apparent influence on your music. What track or album has had the biggest influence on you as a band and why? (do you dream of having your own sandbox to compose in one day?)

1977's Love You is my favourite Beach Boys album of all time. Its stark and minimal synth instrumentation correlates with Brian's complicated yet innocent arrangements and make for an album that sounds like no other, it's mind-blowing.

Its hard to pinpoint a stand-out track as it works so well as a complete package, I'd have to go with 'Cabin Essence' as a favourite all time Beach Boys track.

I had this idea for an early show where we filled the venue with sand - it was one of my more poorly thought out ideas!

Would you like people to first encounter your music live or on record?

On record, I find it hard to relax live. In the studio you get to experiment and explore musical ideas - overall it makes for a much more exciting process. You're just about to embark on an extensive UK tour.

Give us one thing you love and one thing you hate about life on a tour bus?

We have a van that we all pile into the back of, its pretty cool. After a while you can begin to feel the cabin fever setting in, we drove up to Scotland last year and by the time we had all got out of the van we looked pretty green and shell-shocked.

Our tour manager makes a pretty colossal mixture too, lots of Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane to dance along to in the back of the van.

What thing you've had to spend most time practicing most to get right as a band?

The harmonies - they are so complicated, our entire set is a work in progress.

What influences (books, films, TV or other) connect most as a band?

At the moment I'm listening to a lot of Tyler The Creator, Rebecca Black and WU LYF. Our inspirations are constantly evolving but the fundamental influences are pretty rooted - stuff like Brian Wilson, Arthur Russell, Kate Bush and a lot of sugary J-Pop like Perfume, MEG and Capsule.

I think our relatively "busy" vision and visual interpretation of our band is testament to us all being inspired by different things. We attempt to infuse our music with as many influences as possible, its the way we have naturally worked since we formed.

Over time you see yourself evolving musically, it's weird.

What unreleased track are you most excited about people hearing and why?

We have a track called 'Animals' which is pretty intense. It involves lots of animal sounds recreated on a small keyboard. There is also a track called 'Future Native Skyline" which I'm pretty certain no-one will ever hear.

And what are you looking forward to the most in the next 6 months?

Getting to work on an album after our headline tour in May. We are all pretty nervous about touring.

You can check the band out at the following dates

  • April 2011
  • Sat 30th | Live At Leeds
  • May 2011
  • Sun 1st | Sounds From The Other City, Manchester
  • Mon 2nd | Hull Fruit
  • Tue 3rd | Newcastle Cluny
  • Wed 4th | Aberdeen Drummonds
  • Fri 6th | Glasgow King Tuts
  • Sat 7th | York Fibbers
  • Sun 8th | Sheffield The Harley
  • Mon 9th | Stoke Sugarmill
  • Wed 11th | Leicester Lock
  • Thu 12th | The Great Escape, Brighton
  • Wed 18th | London Cargo
  • Sat 21st | Liverpool Masque Loft
  • Wed 25th | Birmingham Hare & Hounds
  • Thu 26th | Cardiff Undertone