With rushing cool water, illuminated only by a deep blue, Fjer begins her video for the stunning electro-soul single 'Better.' The Danish artist has already captured you and dragged you into her sombre world, perfectly encompassing all it means to be broken and tortured by the unrelenting loneliness post-break.

With production from Danish duo Nector and glitchy visuals co-directed with NYC's Peter Anthony Red, the sensory piece perfectly reflects Fjer's piercing and emotive vocals in new forms.

"We wanted to do something that really conveyed the sense of detachment in broken relationships - a way to embody the "what ifs" visually," she says. "The result is this glitchy video by Peter Anthony Red, and a cameo from fellow singer Emilia James, who suffered wet clothes, chilly water and a suffocating fog machine for an entire day with me." Watch below.