Layers of smooth ambient sound swirl around enveloping you in their wistfulness. A steady pulsating drum beat and recurring pedal harp melody form the backbone of this elegant track. With a sense of simplicity it's easy to find yourself lost in the synthesizers. Thomas Casault's dreamy falsetto doesn't hurt either. "If heaven was a place that we could go, would you come along?" Casault questions and his vulnerability gives a very human touch.

Following the equally transcendent 'Lay Down Your Veil' it's clear Fjord's newest e.p is set to be an ambient pop gem. Casault and Louis-Étienne Santais with the help of producer Tim Bran have so far shown that their sonic waters run deep. While 'If I Was To Call' lacks the radio-friendly hooks of their first single, together they make for a glimpse into the sliky and serene electro-pop of Shallow Waters and I for one can't wait to hear more.