Five tracks into her debut album LP1, as FKA Twigs, comes a song called 'Pendulum'. "So lonely trying to be yours, when you're looking for so much more," she sings, over a distorted R&B backing, lent a hint of discomfort by the dense and claustrophobic drum arrangement. It's a narrative about the power struggles in relationships where she explores the human desire and how its enhanced when a lover strays - but it could also describe this artists' promo campaign. Barnett's press model has always been nothing short of a tease; she's got a knack for giving us just enough to whet the appetite, so it's fitting when she asks, "How does it feel to have me thinking about you?"

That's taken from our review of LP1 (out August 11th via Young Turks) - an album which we decided to award our highest rating. Listen to 'Pendulum' below. It's so damn good.

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