Alongside next month's major theatrical release of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, the 1985 military sci-fi epic, the Flaming Lips also be releasing the brand new six-track EP Peace Sword.

The title track (full list below) will be the only song appearing in the film. The full EP will be released digitally October 29th and then on CD and vinyl November 29th for Record Store Day's Back To Black Friday.

Catch the film November 1st and watch the official trailer below.

Peace Sword EP tracklist:

  • 1. Peace Sword ("Open Your Heart")
  • 2. If They Move, Shoot 'Em
  • 3. Is The Black At The End Good
  • 4. Think Like A Machine, Not A Boy
  • 5. Wolf Children
  • 6. Assassin Beetle - The Dream Is Ending