Flamingods' unique style of tribal-psychedelia is fun, free-spirited and magically infectious – it basically feels like a wild, shamanic celebration in the jungle, and you're satisfied, but a little sad when it's over. For their latest music video 'Mixed Blessings', the cult-psych outfit have paired up with London's Alpaca Animations for another trippy celebration of life, and the quest for enlightenment.

'Mixed Blessings' is the second release off the group's much-anticipated EP Kewali, which drops May 26th. Earlier this year, the band impressed at Austin's SXSW music festival, and with their first EP since signing with Moshi Moshi Records soon to be released, Flamingods are quickly becoming one of the most exciting experimental outfits today.

Described by the band as, "looking at cave paintings while tripping on DMT," you've got to see Flamingods' latest music video 'Mixed Blessings'.

Catch Flamingods’ wild and highly-rated live show in London at Rough Trade East on Tuesday, May 30th. The band will also be headlining The Jazz Cafe in London on October 3rd, with tickets available for purchase now.