I don't really wanna keep calling it the vinyl revival cause it's hardly a revival, else we'd all be playing vinyl. Babies would be playing vinyl. My parents would ditch their already vintage iPods and go back to vinyl. It's more of a vinyl renaissance but revival, it like, kinda rhymes. Vinyl survival. Vinyl denial.

Anyway, a purveyor of vinyl for the North London area, Flashback Records, have opened up a new branch of their shop. With one on Essex Road in Islington spread over two floors (for a classic basement crate-diggin' scenario) and another over in Crouch End, they've popped up in the East of London this time.

Flashback Records should actually change their meta description pretty soon cause it says they got two shops in London. They have three now. You can go to their new store on Saturday 1st November (i.e. tomorrow).

You'll find it on Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch (see flyer above). You can call them (020 3780 1900) for whatever reason. Ask if they've got 'Do The Bartman' on vinyl.

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