There's always a conversation in your head when you listen to records you loved as a teenager; "would I still love this if it came out today? Would this style still land in the 2018 new music spectrum?" With Flasher's latest batch of tracks, most notably the new 'Who's Got Time?', the questions get flipped on their head. "I'd have loved this when I was younger!"

As it were, the band are much more than a summation of genres past. After all, punk rock from DC tends to have a brighter urgency than that of other American cities. What 'Who's Got Time' provides as well as all that is a catchy and short pop punk anthem that's as much fun as it is reminiscent. Though the track revels in the shortcomings of a failing relationship, it's got guitar gusto enough to keep you drooling for their upcoming debut on Domino, Constant Image.

Pre-order Constant Image from Domino ahead of its June 8th release.