'Matching Hearts Similar Parts' is the new 4 track EP by London boys Flashguns and just like the large piece of photography apparatus that shares their name, their aim is to light up your life (sorry). The double negative opener 'I don't not love you' is a jolly jingle that also possesses a somewhat epic singalong feel. "Find somebody close to you, follow your heart" croons Samuel Johnston. Great track. Song the second 'Bells At Midnight' sways into view with the tuneful kick of Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong, coupled with the mature swoosh of fellow Londoners Bombay Bicycle Club. It's catchy and rythmic but is layered with plunky bass plucking and spooky xylophone tinkering, giving it a dark and edgy feel. I still favour the demo version that's been up on their Myspace, but only because I've grown used to it with so many listens, it was afterall one of my favourite tracks of 2008. Like Bells At Midnight track the third 'St George', is a re-recordeding of a demo. It does a fine job of keeping the tempo high, yet still maintaining that signature haunting feel of underlying darkness, achieved through deep bass and strings. As if the title didn't give it away enough, this is classic English Indie/Rock, which demonstrates further a real richness to Flashguns sound that separates them from their contemporaries. Just in case they needed to add another string to their collective bow, the EP closer 'Racing Race' comes off all Bluesy like 22-20's meets The Raconteurs. "Oh the crunch oh the crunch, went without dinner now we'll go without lunch" snarls Johnston, presumably in a bitter ode to the current Credit Crunch situation. Although I could be completely wrong. Either way at 6 mins 56 secs it's a real meaty mouthful to chew on. When all is said and done these 4 tracks showcase Flashguns' sound very nicely and backs up the promise shown by previous singles 'Timehouse Blue' and 'Locarno'. This EP is a shining light amongst some dreary lad rock and with any luck will represent a firm steps towards critical and commercial success for the lads. Highly recommended. Myspace here Both versions of Bells At Midnight are here