Fresh London alt-pop trio, FLAWES have revealed their brand new single 'Consolation' ahead of the release of their forthcoming CTRL EP next month. Since the band's recent inception late last year, FLAWES' early career has taken off explosively with their debut single ('Don't Wait For Me') welcoming a storm of industry and new fan support. Next up is the dark alt-electronica anthem 'Consolation,' which acts as the lead track off the auspicious band's upcoming project. Blending glitchy synths with a giant surging pop chorus and raw emotional density, the trio have constructed something big so early on.

"'Consolation' is about that feeling you get when you are trapped in a relationship, both parties knowing it's not good for you and yet you seem unable to leave," the band said in a statement. "When you don't know what to expect next and allow fear to creep in you can often remain at a standstill rather than giving yourself, and the other person, the chance to be free and start again."

CTRL EP is set for release April 1. Find show dates below.

  • Show dates:
  • April 14th – The Sebright Arms (HEADLINE SHOW)
  • April 30th – Live at Leeds (The Wardrobe)