If you were to ask Dutch producer Daan Havenith to name his biggest flaw, he may point to his newest single and say his lyrics: “Like most of my songs, ‘All We Are’ was inspired by a feeling that couldn't really be put into words.” Yet, the effect on certain lines that he sings, including the titular one, can cause goosebumps to spread on your arms. So, in a sense, his vague lyrics do exactly what Havenith, who goes by the moniker Flaws, fears he isn’t capable of.

“I'm really trying to become a better lyricist and even though there are words in this song, I still feel like the best way for me to show these emotions is to put it into sounds and harmonies. Explaining what this record is about is like trying to describe a color that doesn't exist. On the other hand I think it's really interesting to leave it to everyone's own interpretation and imagination."

He’s of course correct about the sound of his music, which is heavily based on textures and emotion. Shuffled blocks and beads act as initial percussion before the heavier beat comes in on 'All We Are'. Havenith uses the lyrics to admit his wavering self-confidence–about the very tool he’s using to express himself. “I don’t know how to start, I don’t know what to say,” he whispers. The trip-hop beat, however, is devoid of self-doubt, complemented by a gentle guitar riff overflowing with spirit. You will find a whole lot more bliss like this on Flaws’ forthcoming EP, Lost In Thought.

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