First off I must make it clear that I am typing this while still under the influence of this track, as I’m finding it hard to press stop.

For those of you who have heard from Fleet Foxes before, their natural musical genius will be nothing new. For those of you who have yet to surrender your ears to this aural bliss, this is the perfect place to start.

While listening to this track, I’m finding it hard to believe that this impeccable line up could have been anything short of fate. Their howling vocals and musical genius seem to fit together like lego pieces, and in those few moments where the band go all A capella on our ears, you could be mistaken for thinking you’ve floated off into some woodland and taken a fistful of muscle relaxants.

Anyway. I instead choose to believe that each one of these gents found each other in a sort of X-men style scenario, each identifiable by their checked shirt and bushy beard and secret power that enables them to send a room full of eager music moguls into a blissful slumber.

I should probably talk about the track now. Mykonos echoes everything the Fleet Foxes stand for, and it’s easy to identify some of their musical influences including Bob Dylan and Neil Young with their use of soft guitar and light vocals. The band themselves describe their sound as “baroque harmonic pop jams”, and I’m not about to argue with that description. Mainly because I don’t know what it means.

It’s easy to forget the intricate detail that effervesces from the lyrics when also faced with the picturesque instrumentals on offer. To take a slice from the chorus; “And you will go to Mykonos, With a vision of a channel coast, And a sun to maybe dissipate, Shadows of the mess you made”, not only does it become clear what Mykonos means, but it’s also very apparent that you’re not just listening to any old band.

Amanda Gardner