As I wandered into the foyer of Seattle's famous Moore Theatre, I felt as if I had been thrown into an overpopulated area filled with too many diverse individuals. I never imagined such a band could bring together the elderly, bearded bums, people with piercings that normal people don't even THINK of, and even some twelve year olds. Through the diversity, I saw lead man Robin Pecknold roaming around signing things, and being ridiculously thankful to everyone who walked up to him. It seems that playing the Moore Theatre in the Foxes hometown of Seattle is more than just a big deal. It wasn't just like any other sold out show Fleet Foxes has played on tour; it's at Seattle's oldest still-running theatre, with two levels, and 1,419 seats. The time came for their set to begin and they jumped right into "Sun It Rises". Between the first couple songs, you immediately felt the joy that the band was feeling being back at home. The period between songs filled with constant conversations between band and audience about beards, awkward previous show moments, and the fact that all of Robin's grade school teachers were present at the show. Putting all jokes aside, each and every song that Fleet Foxes seemed to slip right into almost seemed unreal. How effortless and free it seemed for their voices to be carrying such notes. I caught myself many times just closing my eyes. The picture in the lyrics of "White Winter Hymnal" left me dreaming. Their harmonies in such unison that it's almost weird to hear one of them sing alone, and yet that is the greatest part. "Oliver James", sung solely by lead man Pecknold will leave you breathless. For the encore, Pecknold tackled an old American folk song, "Katie Cruel", stripped down, unplugged, stepping away from the mic proving once again that his powerful vocal chords have the potential to fill a theatre and keep that beautiful noise resounding. Not only should the angelic harmonies, and soft finger-picking's of Robin's guitar enamor you enough to  catch a Fleet Foxes show, but also their love, compassion, and thankfulness that's exuded from them on stage. Not even five months ago was their debut album released, and they have already earned the title of playing packed out theaters; goodbye small town clubs!