Label: Tiny Dog Records Release date: 03/11/08 Link: With Rat Scabies from The Damned as their producer, Flipron are set to release another weird and wonderful record this November, filled with sounds of the British wave of psychedelic rock from the sixties and tavern knees-ups. There is never a dull moment on Gravity Calling, as the listener is taken through a modern vaudeville show and can experience Bad Seeds-style love ballads such as 'Dreams of Wealth and Power', as well east end bar room songs, like 'Book of Lies'. All the while, the album is given a creepy edge by the organ and moaning backing singers on the comically chilling 'Zombie Blues', which would make Chas and Dave wet themselves. The voice of Jesse Budd, conjures strong images of all our favourite psychedelic and mod heroes; I can't help but think when I hear him sing that Steve Marriott and Syd Barrett are back amongst us. Despite all these nostalgic sounds, Flipron give their album an occasional contemporary twist with the start of 'Mavis' and some of their guitar sounds. They are not without their own quirky ideas either, including the use of Hawaiian guitars on what would otherwise be a lads' booze up song. Flipron are a band that can make you shiver, grin, and down your pint all at the same time, and their latest album will make you believe that you were born too late and appreciate all your peculiar oddball friends, and if you don't have any you'll be happy to be a peculiar oddball.