Where there’s smooth topography, there was once a graceful river to carve it. It takes hundreds of years for water to chip away at craggy rock edges and become the formations that we know today, but it only takes a moment to strike a passerby with awe. Koresma, né Ryan Lindberg, channeled the majesty of natural geography into his newest single, ‘Canyon Walls.’

Lindberg can’t fly, but he can imagine what it’s like to float on the breeze. “‘Canyon Walls’ was inspired by the feeling of flying along the walls of a canyon like a bird,” he said of the track, explaining that it should feel like “what a specific place says to you while witnessing it.” Using the album art as a visual cue, it is easy to conjure weightlessness from Koresma’s chillwave beats. The striations in the stone are perfect for carrying soft guitar melodies until the sound waves stop reverberating.

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