Now more than ever, at least for rappers trying to make their name, a break isn't an option. Mixtapes may be growing ever rarer, but fledgling artists crank out singles like their lives depend on it.

Despite a full project, Life I'm Livin, having just arrived in December, Florida rapper Yungeen Ace is back with his latest offering, the stark, bare-bones exhale that is 'So Long'.

The titles doubles as a farewell to a life he's lived and as a weary admission as to just how long he's been struggling. Fighting against one's demons and trying to leave behind a spotty past may be far from novel tropes to the genre, but Ace's veritable tired sigh of emotion here manages to make a story we've all heard more than gripping. ("They want me to sip that drank, but I know it's poison," perhaps sticks out in particular here.)

Speaking on the record himself, Ace offers, "I've already been through so much in such little time. At 21, I've experienced more pain than people twice my age--but I know thats what makes me special. God wanted to make sure I was battle tested and war ready, and now I know nothing can stop me. I've already dealt with death, prison, violence, poverty and abuse--what else can the devil do to stop me? Every time I think he [the devil] has one up on me, God shows me he has a bigger plan.”

Check out 'So Long', as well as its video, below and stay tuned for more from Yungeen Ace soon.