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Driven by Hammond organs and choppy funk licks, Fly Golden Eagle are having a glam-stompin', good vibes soul party on new album Quartz Bijou.

Formed in 2007, the Nashville quartet have built a reputation as a swaggering, funkadelic bar band and played on records by Alabama Shakes and Benjamin Booker, but it's their insanely colourful, retro grooves they will leave you strutting and swinging like an extra in an Austin Powers movie.

Frontman Ben Trimble used to work for a collector with over 60,000 records, and you can tell he spent the time wisely delving deep into funk obscurities, West Coast pop nuggets and Memphis soul classics. It makes for a carnival of swampy rhythms and white boy blues that at times feels like a big Vegas revue show and at others an intimate, deep-of-the-night jam session.

The wailing, psych-pop whirl of opener 'You Look Good To Me' leads the way with its squelchy bass lines and wah wah chops, before 'Stepping Stone' warps into a T-Rex-goes-gospel, tassled freak out. 'Monolith' shifts pace with a bubblegum waltz that wallows in nostalgic memories of all-American high school romances and 'Heady Ways's desert rock rumble scowls and prowls like one of Josh Homme's back alley, noir refrains whilst 'Tehuacana' completely loses itself in an Ike and Tina, show-stopping, reach-for-the-skies crescendo.

It's a trip through the soul and funk back catalogue that is probably best experienced in a small, intense club with sweat and steam pouring off the walls rather than the more polished studio sound. But whereas you can feel the cynicism and dollar signs rolling in the eyes of Mark Ronson's tired, brassy repackaging of the genre, Fly Golden Eagle's more unrestrained and warped take is a much more loveable and infectious experience.

Purists may turn their noses up a bit and criticise the backward looking nature of the band, but Quartz Bijou is a record that pulls the lycra, leopard-print flares out of the closet, downs a gallon of piña colada and goes twisting into the night. Don't over analyse it, let loose and join the party.

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