Merging brilliantly surreal minds like Flying Lotus and David Lynch brings expectations of upmost peculiarity, there’s no way around this reality—or unreality. Yet, with the announcement of Flying Lotus’ sixth album and the release of its first single titled ‘Fire Is Coming,’ expectations of absurdity are somehow surpassed and crushed into a black dust, which is then thrown into the air. Once the dust settles, a distressing realm of images and twisted dark ambient sounds are conjured, beckoning listeners into the murky waters of their own nightmares.

Within Flying Lotus’ cryptic world, the audio-visual mastermind provides woozy sonic darkness to Lynch’s cryptic spoken word, a combination that logically, subjects listeners to an experience that is hellish and innately jarring.

Even though the atmosphere FlyLo creates is abnormal and Lynch’s spoken word isn’t far removed from the filmmaker’s work with musique concrète alongside longtime collaborator Angelo Badalamenti (Though Gang), the true catch-all and real shocker of this entire release is the music video. And god damn—that video. Just when you thought neither of the two couldn’t get any weirder, they go and do this:

Directed by FlyLo and David Firth (Salad Fingers), the music video for ‘Fire Is Coming’ begins with a flurry of children wearing wolf costumes wreaking havoc, tearing things apart and upheaving with bloodcurdling shrills shrouded in simultaneous unease and elation. Then an alarm goes off, causing the children to settle down in anticipation of the nightmarish visual to come.

Creaking its way toward the children in a wheelchair, a wolf-like puppet-creature begins to twist and convulse until its mouth is jarred wide. From its mouth, the face of Lynch himself emerges, which begins to contort as he delivers a chilling story about a young boy named Tommy and the strange phone call he and his mother receives. As the story snowballs, FlyLo interjects the foreboding tale with hi-hats, giving way to the story’s frantic climax:

“He saw that the sky was noticeably darker than usual / And he saw a huge, red-orange glow moving on the horizon / Just then, a man appeared running frantically in the street / The man yelling, ‘Fire is coming! Fire is coming! / Fire is coming! Fire is coming! / Fire is coming! Fire is coming! / Fire is coming! Fire is coming!’”

Though it comes across as an interlude, ‘Fire Is Coming' is such an odd, but memorable way to announce a new album. Nevertheless, make sure to pre-order Flying Lotus’ upcoming album titled Flamagra, which is out May 24.