Sexual assault is the hot topic issue and famous men who've abused their power are now being exposed as rapists all over Hollywood and the music industry. The Gaslamp Killer was recently publicly accused right on Twitter by a woman named Chelsea for allegedly drugging and having non-consensual sex with her and her friend in 2013.

"The Gaslamp Killer drugged my best friend and myself at a party at the Standard Hotel, had non-consensual sex with both of us while we were completely incapacitated, and then dumped us back in front of the standard after it happened," she tweeted. Low End Theory then announced that they no longer wished to be associated with their longtime collaborator.

But Flying Lotus, on the other hand, decided that he would cape for The Gaslamp Killer by making an announcement and playing one of his tracks to end off his recent set at the Hollywood Cemetery Forever over the weekend. But fans caught his speech on camera, which makes him look like quite the rapist apologist.

"The internet is a fuckin’ liar. Ain’t nobody judge and jury but the fuckin’ law, okay?" he said. Watch below.