The best producer in the world teaming up with one of the best rappers in the world? Damn! At least a million people lost their souls to the devil to pay for this one.

Kendrick's urgent flow sounds perfect when combined with Flying Lotus' absolutely insane production, which charges through space like a rocketship on fire. Breathtaking.

If there was ever a time for SoundCloud to update their systems with a "LOOP THIS UNTIL I TELL YOU TO FUCKING STOP" function, then this might be it. Look, when old timers tell you that our generation is screwed, please point them in the direction of this song.

'Never Catch Me' is taken from Lotus' forthcoming new album, You're Dead!, which is out on October 6th via Warp (the following day in the U.S.).

Update: Since we published this post, the audio has been replaced with a watermark-heavy version. Shame. Let's hope they put the tagless version back up soon.

Update 2: We've found a version without the watermarks: