Ecuadorian-born FOAM is taking matters into her own hands when it comes to channeling her past, her insecurities and her heartache into a place of greatness. Raised in Toronto, where she studied neurosciences and nearly embarked in a potential career in life sciences and pharmaceuticals, the singer, unable to live a life without creativity, relocated to Berlin in 2016 to study audio engineering.

Self-produced, recorded and mixed, and in collaboration with drummer João Marcos Fonseca, guitarist Zdenka Stulic and engineer Jonny Zoum, at the iconic Berlin Funkhaus, a former GDR broadcasting studio, third single ‘I Still’ is a soothing nostalgic ballad that dwells on former life experiences, heartbreak and the inevitability of being unable to forget the time, effort, emotion and physical attention of a person you made the wrong choice of being with.

‘I Still’ is part of a self-titled EP, also set to be independently released on May 23rd 2018.

You can follow FOAM and visit her website here for more.