Somebody really needs to give Applescal a skeleton key that allows access to the stems of every song he likes. With 200 Words he takes a bleak pop cut from Fol Chen and turns it into a slow burning euphoric eight minute electro crescendo. Tremendous. We're massive fans of both Fol Chen and Applescal so it's a pleasure to host this exclusive first play of the remix.

To be honest we're unsure of the best way to proceed if you are new to this, so we're posting both the original track and the remix below so that you can decide which way round you listen to them. We are sure that you should explore both avenues further, we are definitely sure of that.

The original track is taken from the forthcoming album False Alarms which is out on April 2nd.

Here's what Pascal from Applescal said about the remix:

"The idea of the track is that the singer, Sinosa, gets 'bewitched' by the music – as her voice goes crazy after a few minutes. When the climax kicks in, she surrenders to the to the witch and starts dancing, her voice goes in sync and repeats with the music, with the rhythm."

Have a listen and see where it takes you. Then download it and take it with you.