Vulnerable and poignant is what comes to mind on singer-songwriter Adam Melchor’s newest offering with ‘Real Estate’. The NYC-based musician brings his signature folk guitar playing aptitude and reflective storytelling to his latest creation. It’s a track that’s brimming with deep sensitivity, moving vocals, and melodies of genuine delicacy. There’s a certain kind of sadness on ‘Real Estate’, one that many can identify with. However, through the trenches of pain and sorrow there’s a light that not only shines above, but within. This makes ‘Real Estate’ feel like a true standout amongst these crowded parts of newly released songs week after week.

New Jersey-born Melchor is no stranger to entwining the strumming of his acoustic guitar to acute songwriting. He’s a specialist in carving out impressive melodies with tales of love and lost that complement his harmonious flow. It makes for an eye-opening experience for listeners to connect on personal matters of their own. This can be said for his debut EP, 2017’s The Archer, and now for ‘Real Estate’. The new single finds empathy and hope shaking hands to start anew and for those who take a listen, who wouldn’t want a fresh beginning?

Take a listen to ‘Real Estate’ below:

‘Real Estate’ follows the equally striking single, ‘Metadata,’ which was released in September. The above mentioned tracks follow Adam Melchor’s EP The Archer from last year. He will be playing tonight (Dec. 4th) at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 in New York. More new music is planned for 2019.