When you listen to Songs From A River, the debut EP from California-based indie folk artist Ismay, it sounds as well-traveled as its creator.

Exploring California, the American Southwest and the Pacific Northwest after dropping out of college, Ismay has cultivated a sound that reflects her travels. Her music conveys a striking, beautiful appreciation for natural beauty, such as on 'Oh Precious Light.' Her ethereal vocal performances and intricate guitar work reflect this beauty and enhance Ismay's ultimate aims for the EP.

"My hopes for this record were to take the first steps towards embodying a modern cowboy psychedelia -- a phrase I heard of when researching Lee Hazlewood," says Ismay. "My love of his music inspired me to explore that phrase, which to me meant bringing together connections to the natural world that a 'cowboy' possesses, with a sense of innovation in songwriting and production. In living the life I lead, I can't escape the natural world -- all the better to invite it in as a palette from which to create music."

You can stream Ismay's beautiful Songs From A River EP below.