Relative newcomer Victoria Bigelow is coming on strong with her emotionally hefty new endeavor titled ‘Blame’. Cut from the same cloth as Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star and Norah Jones, the folk singer captivates with sheer beauty and earnestness. ‘Blame’ features powerful words of wisdom, angelic vocals, and a strong sense of knowing who you are in the most transitional stages of life.

On ‘Blame’, Bigelow’s quaint voice channels the deepest of emotions, drawing the listener into a realm of true sentiment and honesty. Profoundly moving and fully engaging, the songstress tackles internal conflict, the kind that’s built from the inside, but also caused by contributing outside forces. With a knack for astute storytelling and easy-going vocals to carry you through the must turbulent of times, Victoria Bigelow is indeed an artist to spectate during the next stages in her encouraging early career.

Bigelow is only 24, but got her start in Nashville at the age of 16 when she landed her first TV sync on the CW’s Hart of Dixie. And while things were moving fast, perhaps too fast, Bigelow’s life instantly changed when she had first child. With music seemingly on the back burner, she journeyed through a provisional period, which ultimately brought her back to what she wanted all along. Trading city life for country life in upstate New York on a farm, Bigelow focused on the things that mattered in her life: motherhood and songwriting. Now with a few singles under her belt, including the previously released ‘Low’ this past summer, she’s prepping to release her forthcoming EP, Going Blue, her first release since she was 15.

Recorded in Nashville, the Going Blue EP was shaped methodically with the assistance of Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer David Leonard (Paul McCartney, Chaka Khan), producer Ross Rice and longtime collaborator and producer Todd Bradley. It is expected for an early 2019 release.