The Arthur King Presents series has another release under its belt, this time from prolific experimental artist Bill Baird. Called Owl, the new record is Baird’s third this year alone, having released dozens of others in his nearly two decades as an active musician. The ten new tracks ruminate on—what else?—owls. Sometimes the title is a dead giveaway (track six, 'Strigidae', for example, is the Family classification for True owls) while the lyrics may point you in the right direction. Examine the new joint video for the album’s openers 'Bubo' and 'Runcible' below.

"The video is structured a bit differently. I get sucked into the internet and trapped inside a multi-dimensional cube informed by sacred geometry. Yeah, I know that's a mouthful and a little weird. I wanted it weird—it's more fun. It's also a light-hearted comment on how much time I spend online. I've already been swallowed by the internet." – Bill Baird

Both songs are conjoined twins that share a spine. The beginning, marked by the track 'Bubo', marches forward amid chants that Baird told the 405 is “basically asking for wisdom, in the form of an owl.” 'Runcible' becomes distinct from its predecessor when the wind floats into our statically charged bubble of noise, or more accurately when flutes are added to the well-established synths. The build and change over its seven-and-a-half minutes is subtle and satisfying; that’s how Baird hopes everyone can experience Owl, explaining: “Over the course of this side of the record and the next, I variously become an owlkeeper and the owl itself. It's a whole journey, the way I imagined it anyway."

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