The latest edition of 'Food Corner' is brought to you by Wallis Bird.

I love cooking! I especially get a kick out of throwing strange things together like mandarin, olive oil and fresh pasta with a mushroom & peanut, creamy side sauce. I like to mess around with food and see what happens. A signature dish of mine is called: 'Knob Cheese Surprise'. It's tasty (!), a one-pot dish, feeds up to 5 hungry people, is very filling and only costs around £2.50 to make...happy days.



  • -One Packet of Hob Nobs (not the chocolate ones!)
  • -A big lump of any cheese
  • -Whatever veg you can get for cheap. Peppers/ courgette/ Aubergines
  • -Onions (about 3 large)
  • -Garlic (as much as you can stand)
  • -2-3 teacups cups of pulses in there like Lentils (bulks up the meal and fills your tummy)
  • -2 and a half cans of Chickpeas for Protein
  • -2 cans of tomatoes
  • -Chilli or Paprika flavouring (if you like)
  • -Salt & Pepa to taste (and to listen to while you cook)


  • -Fry your onions and garlic in butter
  • -Throw in your chopped veg
  • -Throw in your tomatoes
  • -Let them all simmer until soft (or else you can roast everything)
  • -Salt & Pepa's Here!
  • -Cook your lentils (slowly and carefully dependant on the type, though it also works as a mash)
  • -Throw it all into a casserole dish
  • -Crumble the Hob Nobs on top
  • -Bake for about 20-30 mins on a medium heat
  • -Throw on some cheese for the last 5 mins
  • -Serve with drunk friends!

Ta-Dah...everyone's eating Knob Cheese Surprise :)

Best place to eat it:

Anywhere any time. Though it can be a heavy meal, so serve carefully in Summer!

Tour Dates

  • Thursday April 5th: London, Dingwalls
  • Wednesday May 9th: Liverpool, Leaf, Bold St
  • Thursday May 10th: Manchester, Jabez Clegg
  • Friday May 11th: Glasgow, Captains Rest
  • Saturday May 12th: Leeds, Recital Room, Leeds College Of Music
  • Monday May 14th: Nottingham, Bodega