This week's column is dedicated to Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp/Dennis Bergkamp/Dennis Bergkamp/Dennis Bergkamp!!

..For being one the the greatest footballers to grace the Premier League, and for that goal above in the 1998 World Cup Quarter Final when The Netherlands beat Argentina. This week's act to predict the weekend's football scores, The Family Rain, also agree - we had a chat with the blue-rock types from Bath on all things Arsenal, post their appearance on Soccer AM.

Congratulation to Lanterns On The Lake who moved to the top of our Football Predictions League last weekend with a whopping 11 points - see the base of the page for their results.

How did you come to support Arsenal?

When I turned up to the first training session for a Sunday league team when I was 8 I had an arsenal shirt on. The coach was a season ticket holder at Highbury and signed me up to the junior gunners so I used to go up most weeks that there was a home game on.

Who is your all-time favourite Arsenal player?

That's a tough one as there have been so many greats. I would have to go with Bergkamp though.

What are you favourite Arsenal (or indeed general footballing) memories?

Favourite Arsenal memory is definitely when Tony Adams scored against Everton on the day we beat then to win the Premiership.

And my favourite footballing memory has to be when Gazza scored THAT goal against Scotland in Euro 96!

Will this be the season that Arsenal finally win a trophy again - and could the trophy be the Premier League?

I have to say yes, we've gone a long time without a trophy, and there is a good, confident feeling around the team at the moment. If we can maintain that we'll get a trophy for sure.

Dennis Bergkamp or Mesut Özil?

Definitely Bergkamp for me right now, but ask me again in 5 years and who knows...

How many times have you watched that Jack Wilshire goal against Norwich?

Too many times for it to be healthy, I still have it recorded on Sky+ at home! Although I probably haven't watched it as much as Tim (drummer) has watched himself scoring on soccer AM!

The rules: Three points for an exact scoreline. One point for a correct result. Each act will play twice over the course of the season (think home and away if you prefer to adhere to football vernacular). See the base of the page to see how Lanterns On The Lake performed last week.

Gameweek 13 Predictions:

  • Aston Villa v Sunderland 3-1
  • Cardiff v Arsenal 1-2
  • Everton v Stoke 2-0
  • Norwich v Crystal Palace 3-0
  • West Ham v Fulham 1-1
  • Newcastle v West Brom 0-1
  • Tottenham v Man Utd 0-0 (I hope!)
  • Hull v Liverpool 2-2
  • Chelsea v Southampton 3-2
  • Man City v Swansea 2-3


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  • Prediction: West Brom 2-2 Aston Villa Score: West Brom 2-2 Aston Villa [3]
  • Prediction: Man City 3-1 Tottenham Score: Man City 6-0 Tottenham [1]
  • Prediction: Cardiff 1-2 Man Utd Score: Cardiff 2-2 Man Utd [-]
  • Prediction: Everton 1-1 Liverpool Score: Everton 3-3 Liverpool [1]
  • Prediction: Arsenal 2-1 Southampton Score: Arsenal 2-0 Southampton [1]
  • Prediction: Fulham 0-2 Swansea Score: Fulham 1-2 Swansea [1]
  • Prediction: Hull 0-1 Crystal Palace Score: Hull 1-0 Crystal Palace [-]
  • Prediction: Newcastle 2-1 Norwich Score: Newcastle 2-1 Norwich [3]
  • Prediction: Stoke 1-0 Sunderland Score: Stoke 2-0 Sunderland [1]
  • Prediction: West Ham 2-2 Chelsea Score: West Ham 0-3 Chelsea [-]

Total Points: 11

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