Is this the year that the Premier League finally gets out of its rut?

We're 1/7th of the way though the season, and while it's still too premature to make predictions with the gold-coated dust to properly settle, the table makes for promising reading. I talked about a 'Year Zero' effect at the start of the year - with most pundits/bookies/cringingly dull bloke down the pub declaring that it would be the most open season for years.

Gone seemingly is the mathematical formula of "Manchester United + team with the most money that season = Premier League title race." Hello a more a competitive, transient era of football? With Moyes's Man Utd struggling (so far, only a fool would rule them out), an AVB-fuelled Spurs playing attractive - and get this Tottenham fans - solid and defensively astute football, Arsenal finding early season form, Liverpool growing into their possession playing style... it's just all a bit promising. This is no Barcelona/Real Madrid two-horse race ala La Liga.

Football is forever transient with an ongoing narrative constantly in flux, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes at a riveting pace. Occasionally with tales of a spectacular fall from grace. But in regards to the title race over the past 20 seasons the narrative has been a rather stodgy, slow-moving one. However, the aforementioned fleeting nature of football was highlighted to me when our esteemed Singes of The Week columnist linked me to a story on the happiest day of the year - transfer deadline day. A story from 2008 where Tottenham were considering making an offer of £15 million, AND Gareth Bale... for Stuart Downing, then playing for Middlesbrough.

One more time.

£15 million, and Gareth Bale... for Stuart Downing.

Anyways, the unpredictable nature of the Prem this year was underlined last week with some surprising results - West Brom's victory over Man Utd at Old Trafford and a Villa-side with Benteke absent beating Man City. Subsequently Bodhi's score for last week was our lowest total yet - sorry guys you picked a bad week to get involved.

This week we talk to Gavin from Ghosting Season - a lifelong Villa fan as it goes. Listen to Apophenia below that you can and very much should purchase from Bandcamp now.

What team do you support, and how did you come to support them?

I support Aston Villa, and came to support them because my mum is from Birmingham, so thought I'd carry on the legacy of Villa fans in the family. My Dad's from Bradford though, and he and my brother both support Bradford City, so I guess I wanted to be a bit different when picking sides at an early age! Also made things interesting when they smashed us last season in the cup...

Predictions for your team for this season (and how the season's gone so far)?

The thing with Villa is, after about 20 or so years of supporting them, I'm never that hopeful on a season to season basis. Although they turn in a few absolute belters in any given year - our 3-2 victory over Man City, and our walloping of Arsenal on the opening day this year more than fills the quota for 2013 - Villa always seem to fall into a little slump around the middle of the season, then pick up towards the end, so we avoid relegation, but rarely revisit the heady days of when we used to play in Europe a lot! I remember the bitter relegation scraps as a kid, and seeing Ron Atkinson and Brian Little always looking so forlorn on rainy winter afternoons at Villa Park.

This season though, I think we'll do a little better than the last, partly because we literally couldn't get any worse! But they seem to be playing with a little more fight this time round, so I think it'll be a midtable affair again to be honest.

Favourite player?

Ooof, tough one. As a kid, I remember all the classic Villa players: Dalian Atkinson, Dean Saunders, Lee Hendrie, Savo Milosevic, etc. but don't consider them as particular favourites. Always had a soft spot for Stiliyan Petrov, not least for beating cancer, but also for being a total beast. If I had to pick though, my favourite Villa player would be Gabby Agbonlahor - he's always been such a great player, and a total dude.

The rules:
Three points for an exact scoreline.
One point for a correct result.
Each act will play twice over the course of the season (think home and away if you prefer to adhere to football vernacular).
See the base of the page to see how Little Comets performed last week.

Gameweek 7 Predictions:

  • Man City 2-1 Everton
  • Cardiff 1-1 Newcastle
  • Fulham 2-0 Stoke
  • Hull 2-2 Aston Villa
  • Liverpool 3-0 Crystal Palace
  • Sunderland 0-2 Man Utd
  • Norwich 1-3 Chelsea
  • Southampton 2-3 Swansea
  • Tottenham 2-0 West Ham
  • West Brom 1-2 Arsenal


  • RECAP: Gameweek 6 Predictions - Bodhi
  • Prediction: Spurs 1-2 Chelsea Score: Spurs 1-1 Chelsea [-]
  • Prediction: Villa 0-3 Man City Score: Villa 3-2 Man City [-]
  • Prediction: Fulham 1-0 Cardiff Score: Fulham 1-2 Cardiff [-]
  • Prediction: Hull City 0-2 West Ham Score: Hull City 1-0 West Ham [-]
  • Prediction: Man Utd 2-1 West Brom Score: Man Utd 1-2 West Brom [-]
  • Prediction: Southampton 1-1 Palace Score: Southampton 2-0 Palace [-]
  • Prediction: Swansea 2-3 Arsenal Score: Swansea 1-2 Arsenal [1]
  • Prediction: Stoke 1-0 Norwich Score: Stoke 0-1 Norwich [-]
  • Prediction: Sunderland 0-2 Liverpool Score: Sunderland 1-3 Liverpool [1]
  • Prediction: Everton 2-2 Newcastle Score: Everton 3-2 Newcastle [-]

Total Points: 2

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