For Fans Of is a feature that picks a popular, distinguished band and recommends similar up and coming bands. This first edition features Scottish indie-pop band Belle and Sebastian.

Glasgow’s finest Stuart Murdoch and his much-beloved band brought poetic, storytelling pop with a maudlin edge to the masses. Here we explore some more offerings from the cardigan-wearing subculture in Scotland, and further afield. If you’re a loyal Belle and Sebastian fan, then we recommend that you give these a try. We would love to hear your suggestions as well.

Very Truly Yours

Imagine an American version of Camera Obscura, and you’re pretty much spot on. Hailing from the Windy City of Chicago, Very Truly Yours combine sweet female vocals, love stories about finding messages in bottles, and likeable pop tunes. They’re not all sunshine and happiness, however, as album track ‘Your Funeral’ proves.


Very Truly Yours - 'I'd Write You A Song'

BMX Bandits

Not a new band per se (they have in fact been around in various different lineups for 25 years) but cult stars of C-86 who have spent many years churning out golden, Glaswegian pop music without ever really breaking into the mainstream - possibly out of choice, it is hard to tell. BMX Bandits have far more bite than their occasionally sickly sweet counterparts. Enigmatic front man Duglas T. Stewart has worked over the years to produce gems such as ‘Serious Drugs’ and ‘E102’; a new album and film about the band are currently in the works.


BMX Bandits - 'I Could Fall In Love'


In something of a departure from the previous two bands, girl group Aias sing entirely in their native language of Catalan, and produce a heavier, reverberating post-rock sound. However, all the key ingredients of happiness-inducing indie pop are still there; the gorgeous vocal harmonies, the catchy melodies and the pretty, intellectual-looking teenagers. Albeit with a slightly darker, more haunting quality.


Aias - 'Dues Pedres'