Just how I like to start my day: talking about how rich somebody else is.

But it turns out of all the musicians in the world (says Forbes, American business magazine with a bias for the West) – and there are a lot of them probably (does that count hedge fund managers or other financial people who every now and then happen to play acoustic guitar and cry about all the mischief they've caused to the world?) – Dr. Dre is the Smaug of them all. The Smaugest of 2014. Indeedy-do, he has accumulated dragon-sized wealth.

How? Well he was already pretty close to the top anyway, but it was the sale of Beats Music to Apple earlier this year that finally got him that diamond encrusted tiara of FIRST PLACE. $620 million before taxes (as if he doesn't have some tidy offshore account in the Cayman Islands), which is rather a lot; a lot more than second place Beyoncé – who needs no introduction nor any reasoning as to why she is so far up the list – with $115 million.

Surprise third-placers are The Eagles, whose wheel-'em-out-and-make-piles-of-cash History of the Eagles tour helped the band earn $110 million. Next year they won't even appear on the list, I bet (unless this tour is a hundred years long).

Then we have Bon Jovi. He made like, I dunno, $82 million. Bruce Springsteen is $81 million years old (pre-emptive sorry).

Ooo and dontcha forget 'bout the youngstas:

The only ones under 30 to make it to the top 10 of rich people. Poor Katy Perry ($40 million), Miley Cyrus ($36 million) and Lady Gaga ($33 million) – didn't even make the cut.

This list is quite Westernised isn't it? Can they really be the WORLD'S highest-paid musicians? I just don't know if this is altogether 100% true. There must be someone in China or South Korea or Japan raking in the moolah.

Fun fact: Dre's $620,000,000 fortune is 152,588,200,000 Hungarian forints.

Sorry there isn't any list, I couldn't find one over at Forbes's's's stupid site.