In the long-running legal action taken against MegaUpload, Andrus Nõmm pleads guilty to copyright infringement, CMU reports. Nõmm is one of seven men wanted by US authorities for running the file-transfer site.

Originally he was fighting extradition in the Netherlands, where he was based, but last week he suddenly turned up in Virginia, USA, where he was promptly arrested. And on Friday 13th February (unlucky for some) was sentenced to a very specific year and a day in jail.

Ira Rothken, who is the lawyer of former MegaUpload boss Kim DotCom, said of the arrest: "Given he didn't have any more resources, it was expected the US would take advantage. This is to be expected where the US Department Of Justice, in an experimental case, is trying to get folks scared and to testify in certain ways." In light of the arrest itself, Rothken described it as a "publicity stunt."

Indeed, US Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell called these recent events "a significant step forward in the largest criminal copyright case in US history." That's publicity, alright.

Prosectors are hoping that information given to them by Nõmm – who is thought to have cooperated for a more lenient sentence – will help strengthen and secure the case against Kim and the other former MegaUpload associates.

Kim DotCom himself said on Twitter: "I have nothing but compassion and understanding for Andrus Nomm and I hope he will soon be reunited with his son."