Now, here's a treat. Featuring Kim Pflaum – former singer of Yumi Zouma – this is a track called 'Flirt' by Auckland-based musicmaker Boycrush, the single from forthcoming Girls On Top EP, due 27th May.

Softly rich synth chords spill out wobbly from the simple propulsive beat, understated leads cutting through like sun through clouds, guitar bubbly and frenetic and tropically palm-muted, the distinctive voice of Pflaum lo-fi, huddled with mini-echoes and light reverb, singing effortless patterns with timeless precision. It basically just oozes speckly-sunlight-turned-to-lassitudinal-summer-night groove and, if you're down with retro '90s flavours, you'll probably love it.

Kim Pflaum now makes music under the name Madeira – we recommend you check it out.