Back on Valentine's Day we brought you the inappropriately longing-for-love single 'Not For Me' from New Jersey collective Forth Wanderers; a song which dealt with the long distance relationship that forms the core of the band. On the follow up to that single, 'Nevermine', singer Ava Trilling takes us on an even more downcast but beautiful journey.

'Nevermine' takes us into the inner turmoil of someone just lying about, daydreaming about the one that got away, inflicting mental self-harm through reliving lost moments and wasted potential. There's plenty of self-examination as she sings disconsolately "I don't think I know who you are anymore/ and I don't think I knew who I was before." Although never reaching high-decibel levels, 'Nevermine' still features many crushing crescendos, as Forth Wanderers ably navigate the peaks and troughs, mirroring Trilling's alternating frustration and depression. As 'Nevermine' climbs into its pining chorus, Forth Wanderers add comforting coos and assuaging chords to help smooth off the sharpness of the moment, making the song a desperate plea that still plays out as a delightful pop song.

Check out 'Nevermine' below.

Forth Wanderers will be releasing their first album for Sub Pop, Forth Wanderers, on April 27th. Pre-order it here.