Following the weekend's tragic fire in a Brazilian nightclub where 231 clubbers perished, a member of the band who was performing at the time the blaze started has been arrested. The singer, Mercelo Santon is thougnt to have been in control of some pyrotechnic equipment while on stage which ignited flamabale materials on the ceiling of the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria.

The band, Gurizada Fandangueira were performing on the threshers night for local students all aged between 16 and 20 when the onstage stunt involving a machine the band call the "Sputnik" allegedly sent sparks into the air towards the foam insulation of the club’s roof. Rodrigo Martins the group's guitarist has defended the band after claims have been made it was a flare that had been used during the show: "It might have happened because of the Sputnik, the machine we use to create a luminous effect with sparks. It's harmless; we never had any trouble with it. When the fire started a guard passed us a fire extinguisher. The singer tried to use it but is wasn't working."

According to a BBC report a total of four arrests have now been made including two co-owners of the nightclub, one of whom voluntarily offered himself for questioning and the venue's head of security. This amidst reports that initially bouncers briefly tried to prevent revelers from leaving the club.