In November 2013, we spent the afternoon with Nerina Pallot and her band at RAK studios.

Pallot was taking a break from working on her fifth long-player to record a Christmas EP and The 405 heard from the singer-songwriter about her process of writing and recording the album. At one point Pallot mused about putting out an album a month for a whole year, which she subsequently decided to trial in 2014 (in a slightly modified manner) with The Year of the EPs, a series of twelve EPs, released between January and December.

With the past couple of years spent in and out of the studio, the new album, The Sound And The Fury, is finally out and The 405 caught up with Pallot over a Skype-cup of Darjeeling, to discuss politics, making money out of music and taking detours to get to where you want to.