FOURUM WATCH HOOOOOOOOOH! Since the last (and first..!) Fourum watch we've seen the numbers rise, the discussions more heated and...a thread that you're only allowed to post in when you're pissed! That are the highlights and the hot topics of the last couple of weeks! Vonstalhein's thread/game started off a little one sided. Now, with Wil's contributions, it's two sided. Get involved and make it three and more sided! Geometry is fun! (That's not what the game is about though...)Mixed Ape. Aaron loves William Fitzsimmons. Others don't. What comes up is the age-old debate about what actually makes one a good musician, factors including past, parents, and bears all taken into account. What do you say..?William Fitzsimmons. It is however, indusputable that he as a great beard. Have you NOT joined the Fourum? Have you been waiting slyly for the right incentive to legitimise your urge to JOIN? Look no further than a Free Mixtape, composed by the bossman himself. So far, no has claimed it (it seems) which is foolish. Foolish and wasteful.Free Mixtape For New Users. Newest user is Undividual who has so far posted nothing. POST SOMETHING. If you do, you will the undying spiritual gratitude of the Fourum God, Fourumonysus The Omni-Mod. Don't risk incurring the Omni-Mod Wrath Undividual!