Fourum Watch Welcome to Fourum Watch 3! Been a good couple of week for fourumites, as Vonstalhein got poll-happy, we welcomed more members and..y'know, cool shit was posted! Check out the most recent highlights! Also i'd added some cool facts and figures down at the bottom of the feature. Dig in. La Roux invites...well...mixed opinions. What're yours? Spam names are hilarious. Such random collections of first and last names! Improbably awesome sounding! Let us know know what you think is The Best Spam Name. Have your say on how established films could be improved with such frustrating ease! Revel in the hilarious star wars comments! ___________________________________ Newest member is hyper67. Hello Mr. 67! Good number! For being the latest fourumite (despite not having posted anything yet) You get to explain to us all what the hell the phrase 'at 6s and 7s' actually means! I'm serious, make a thread about it or something, it's always baffled me. Our members have made a total of 2,193 posts We have 96 registered members. Quote of the fortnight: "Who gives a shit if the game got an eight when it is buggy, and who cares if a film has four stars when it has a chris martin cameo and he doesn't get shot in the head." Let's make it 100 by the end of this week eh? G'won, have a gander.