Fourum Watch IV Welcome to Fourum Watch! Since the last watch we've cracked the 100 members barrier, and people in their ones and twos are now flocking to join up! Anyway, pre-ample aside... Twitter is the new facebook status updates! Or is it? Either way, stick yer twitter alias in here, have your say on whether it's inane crap or up-to-the-second trending genius, or just generally be swayed by Vonstalhein, Gamewank and HaughtyBiscuit's Pro-Twitter propaganda! I actually made a little article about this a week or two ago, but as it's a fourum thread and It's one of the most hilarious/worrying videos i've seen in recent years, consider this a BUMP. Is The Rayguns Promo video a Pisstake or not?. Who would play you in A film about yourself? and what kind of film would it be? Aaron has a catchy title for his that is actually pretty enticing, HaughtyB sounds like a future indie sensation and Fieldofdreams reckons no actor exists that could do her justice... et tu? ___________________________________ Newest member is Hello generic e-mail alias! Make some posts! Disgorge some info! Or some badges of friendship! For being the latest fourumite I'm pleased to proudly present you with four lines of copy in the Fourum Watch thread. And I'll be your friend too. Our members have made a total of 2,701 posts We have 109 registered members. Quote of the fortnight: From A photo a day So join up, get involved, have some lols and maybe even tell us a bit about what you think of the ol' website, or what you'd like to see more/less of! Over and out; Danny A.K.A Vonstalhein