Fourum Watch V BAM THERE IT IS! Numbero Five-oh. Currently listening to Planet Brain & Lebatol soon, but it's pretty sweet you know? Anyway... the fourum hasn't gained that many new members in recent weeks but it has seen a recent upsurge of posts, new thread and activity in general from the current members. I'm also going to take this opportunity to very briefly say that for our next Buffalo Bar gig we're going to offer Fourum members £1 of admission if you put your name in the relevant thread. That thread is not yet of existence, but very shortly will be; consider it another incentive to keep checking it out! Now to business at hand... The Worst Films Ever Thread is still going strong. Something is always more cathartic about talking about absolute, unadulterated get involved, make sure you make your acerbic, bad-film-hating-voice heard! And discover (if you didn't already know) what the OFFICIAL worst film ever is. You've probably heard that Disney bought Marvel. It's pretty funny right? Either way...there's a LOT of comic potential there in crossovers. Conversely, this might be something you feel really strongly about; it represents a big business merger with serious potential IP consequences. Which will it be? Have your say in the Disney versus Marvel Thread please. Bands you should like...but hate. Another great rant thread but, as it turns out, provoker of some pretty interesting issues regarding the mainstream and bands commonly perceived as really quite influential. ___________________________________ Newest member is Pianopolis. 'Sup there pretty-cool-name new Fourum member. Is that shit like a pun on Persepolis? Or Metropolis? Or like, do you just fantasise about regime changes in giant mechanised futuristic cities made entirely out of ivory that have massive slabs in the pavement that make music as you walk over them like in the Alien Ant Farm video to their original and classic ditty 'Smooth criminal'? Our members have made a total of 3,037 posts We have 111 registered members. Quote of the fortnight: "I'm waiting for the interview tape where Joker starts humping the shit out of Harley.... Thats character development I can get *ahem* behind." - Rob Haughty From Batman Arkham Asylum So join up, get involved, have some lols and maybe even tell us a bit about what you think of the ol' website, or what you'd like to see more/less of! Ever ever yours trullie madly delpy Danny A.K.A Vonstalhein