Fourum Watch VI The Fourum Watch is back! It's been hiding away a little due to us all being so busy but it's going to be a totally regular thing (fortnightly) now that we've got a few more members and there's too much cool stuff going on in there NOT to be rounded up. So, without further ado, check out these witty comments and/or thought-provoking threads and get involved! The Agony Aunt (technically an Uncle) is in the house! This thread is in its infancy yet but if Rob's first post is anything to go by it should be a howler. "Dear Oliver, My dreams are haunted by the image of the face of Aaron Hunt. He stands at the foot of my bed with a copy of Front magazine and tells me of all the interesting things he read in it." and so forth. We all like to complain about shit bands that are 'good' or 'good' bands that are 'shit' don't we? It's catharsis! Chime on in Bands you should like (but don't) thread! ("fuck led zep") The Avatar debate rages! Wait, you've not seen it yet? You better had eh, one way or the other. ___________________________________ Newest member is kowalskisko. Otherwise known as Oliver Primus' 'favourite twitter person', Kowal has opined that 'Twitter Person' should be a new sociological sub-category, and for that we salute him. Who knows if he even exists in real life? Perhaps we've got a 'ghost in the shell' situation here? Only time (and maybe Kowalskisko himself) will tel... We have 188 registered members. Quote of the fortnight: "Ellie Goulding. I think me and Danny are going to both marry her, once I've divorced Stacey Solomon and he's divorced Marina Diamanis. But I might want to marry Marina to, so I might have an affair at some point. After that me and Danny might have a Bromance. Cuz you know, women can do that to you...Especially if there are a lot of dub step remixes out there of what they've already done. There's nothing whoreish about that. " From The Hype Thread
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