Despite Foxygen deeming their Star Power voyage of North America and Europe a 'farewell tour', it appears dubious as to whether the glimmeringly precocious child of Sam France and Johnathan Rado has true intentions as to call its own demise. The recent release of '24 Hour Lover Man' and the Californian's sprightly and vivacious stage shows appear to indicate otherwise. The Star Power set commences with carnival music setting the mood for the performance. It's one that's warped, whimsical and wild.

Sam France confidently struts about the stage, he's an enigma almost wholly characterised by the androgyny of Young Americans' era -Bowie and the unhinged energy of Iggy Pop. France quips "I've had a rough day, I broke up with my girlfriend" followed by "I also broke up with my boyfriend." The opener of We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic is affirmation of France's almost messianic status. This statement is willingly consumed by the audience who have bought into the cult with embracing arms directed towards the stage. Rado, the more reserved of the songwriting duo, adorned in star spangled tassels, remains cool and collected whereas France is already rabid and throwing himself to the audience. Foxygen lay claim to their own self-awarded status.

The L.A natives manoeuvre swiftly into 'On Blue Mountain'. The theatrical nature of the band's shows is made glaringly evident. The band's backing singers are holding candles to the backdrop of a pentagram and at one point surround France performing an almost ritualistic routine. The onstage decorations are a shrine to the spirit and icons of counter-culture. Foxygen are biting at the foot-heels of their heroes. Their sound is unashamedly nostalgic and so is their attitude. France swigs down a bottle of whisky, swaggers about the stage like Jagger with jutted hips then suavely combs through his hair. Later in the set he unconvincingly confesses to the whisky being a stage prop. As expected, the unhinged frontman is compelled to climb the stage rigging.

After 'Hot Summer', the lights dim and a distorted and skipping 'San Francisco' keeps the sweating crowd occupied during the intermission. When Foxygen arrive back onstage, France reminisces playfully about forming the band with Rado, introduces drummer Shaun Fleming as Miley Cyrus and a playful fight over card games ensues. The drama and camaraderie briefly descends into 'Let It Be' then to 'Shuggie' where France laments "But you don't love me? That's news to me."

'No Destruction' re-intensifies the audience as the lyrics are bellowed back to France like gospel. Foxygen appear to be revered, their immersive live shows have the same frantic and frenzied effect of a sermon by a spiritual healer. 'Everyone Needs Love' brings the set to a close, but whether this tour marks the end of Foxygen is still to be revealed.