It's no surprise that Foxygen are a pretty dysfunctional band. Not quite in the whole "Everyone sleeping together, probably with lots of narcotics involved, so no-one wants to talk to one another" dysfunctional synonymous with Fleetwood Mac but definitely in a "no-one here is friends, we’re just all in a contract" kind of way. After Sam France walked off stage at SXSW this year, cutting their set short, and cancelling tour dates to "preserve the creative health of the band," it's common knowledge that the core members of France and Jonathan Rado don't really see eye to eye.

Former touring member, and France's girlfriend, Elizabeth Fey shared a revealing insight into the inner workings of the band having seen first-hand since she started performing live with them in September 2012. Summing up the relationship between the members she writes, "It was strange meeting [Rado] and knowing they were supposed to be a 'duo' but there was no friendship at all, just contracts that needed to be fulfilled." Fey often found herself as scapegoat for many of the band's problems, "At the end of the UMO tour Rado and Shaun blamed all the problems in Foxygen on me, I was the perfect scapegoat: the only girl, a new member, a loud opinionated female. Rado said things like I was "unprofessional" which is just a joke. I am unprofessional while Shaun Fleming was/is hitting on teenage girls all the time online, Joe just got jailed on the last tour for being drunk, and Rado couldn't even tell me any of his problems himself."

She then announces that France and Fey would ultimately be starting a new band, "[Rado] was threatened by Sam and I, saying it was, "The Sam and Lizzie show". Well we are going to start our own band. It sickens to me to see how Sam has been walked all over. He isn't the type of person to plot out things or think about business, he is just a real musician who is an amazing songwriter. I don't think he was ready for all the craziness that being a popular band gives you... Hopefully Sam and Rado can learn how to compromise and be good friends again. I'd even try to be Rado's friend again if he genuinely cared or was sorry, but he isn't. Despite everything, I love Sam a lot. He is an amazing songwriter who will continue to make inspiring music. I really like Foxygen the music, just have some problems with the members. I really do wonder if anyone other than Sam and Justin believe in things like peace & magic."

Surprisingly, despite all of this, the band's publicist has confirmed that Foxygen are not breaking up and are in fact recording the follow up to We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic with tour dates throughout autumn.

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