Enigmatic Dallas-based musician Francine Thirteen has just released a new single that builds on her well-established ritual pop background. She uses her music to explore taboos using a religious tapestry, and wholly subverting it. With 'Communion', she begins a new chapter, where she will embrace totems and sacred sexuality. You can see her perform at Babes Fest in Austin on opening night, August 20th. Listen to her new single below.

With lyrics steeped in deep-rooted Christian lore, it is easy to get lost in its meaning, but Francine Thirteen’s production deserves just as much praise. She strategizes bass hits and whining horns to meet her deliberate cadence as she coos about Catholicism's oral sacrament, though she more accurately refers to a sexual sacrament that embraces the whole body. Rarely does she stick to a predictable song structure, instead winding her way through, as she told the 405 in this case, “fascination with the concept of sex as sacrament.” She describes the artwork further below.

“The art is inspired by my fascination with symbology. I am flanked on either side by the Celtic symbol (although it exists in many cultures) called the Triskelion. I tapped into it as a representation of the trinity of power, knowledge, and love. Above my head is the chart of runic symbols, also Celtic. The artwork for 'Communion' and the image above were shot by Dior Divine and graphic-designed by Kat Alyst.”

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