There's a bit of a backstory to this one. Frank Ocean was set to cover 'Pure Imagination' for a Chipotle ad, but wasn't too pleased with it once he saw the final edit, and dropped out. I mean, it makes sense, right? Seems reasonable. Chipotle got Fiona Apple to do the cover instead and you'd think all would be well. That was most certainly not the case, however, as Chipotle had paid him $212,500 in an advance and they wanted it back, which makes sense as well.

Frank responded in a pretty classy way, linking the loved burrito establishment to the 'Defamation' page on Wikipedia and posting a cashier's check he sent to the company on his Tumblr, lovingly including 'FUCK OFF' in the memo section.

It looks like Chipotle-gate is coming to a close, however, as TMZ reports that Chipotle have received their money and the case has been settled. The infamous 'FUCK OFF' check didn't arrive in its previously publicized form.